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Pet dog Kororo to the Nintendo DS

If you’ve ever played the classic puzzle games like Bejeweled or PuzzleQuest, you’ll experience the cute and fluffy pets or animals in Canine Kororo. The purpose of the game is usually to match up pairs of identical pets or animals to make all of them disappear. The sport is also popular for its genuine animation and touch screen handles. You can even enjoy in “Attack Mode, inches a mode where it’s limited to the time you have to result in a level.

Another new video game on the Nintendo DS, Animal Kororo is a bigger picture game having a unique twist. It includes a unique touch screen technology and bunnies seeing that the okamiden download main motif. To accomplish the levels, you should help the kororo steer clear of colliding to bunnies, causing them to end rolling. In order to progress one stage further, you must ensure that each bunny is in series and not obstructing any others.


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